I'm Pregnant

I am considering…

Parenting, Abortion, or Adoption


Okay. It doesn't get any bigger than this question.

Right now you're in the middle of one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make.

If you want a baby, then this is an exciting time!
If you were not expecting this pregnancy, then you might have mixed feelings and we have help for you.

Pretty much everyone you meet will have an opinion about what you should do. Lots of people will be supportive of what you want, and some won't. That's all pretty normal.

We believe that you need to make your decisions based on what you-know-inside is best. And that is where we come in.

The amazing people at our centre are brilliant at helping sort through tough situations.

We want to help you make a good decision... the one that you know in your heart is right. After all, you're the one that is going to have to live with your choices. So you are the one that needs to make sure you’re making the right ones.

We understand that any choice you make now will change your life. Forever.
And there is no way to get around that now.

What you need is support and love.

Everything is totally confidential and free at our centre:

  • one-on-one support
  • information on parenting, adoption and abortion
  • support for the people you care about too - boyfriends, family and friends